How t' other half live: Take a look inside stunning £2m luxuriously restored mansion in HUDDERSFIELD

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Restoring this stunning mansion has

been a labour of love for its owners. Mike Phillips and Marin

a Shaw who bought Banney Royd in

July 2011 for 1.9m and have ploughed thousands of pounds into restoring it to its former glory. They are now giving people a sneak glimpse into their Halifax Road home, in Edgerton, Huddersfield, to show the renovation work done to the property and its seven-acre grounds. Seeing Red: Stunning room in mansion The house once went on the market for a cool 5million and the couple have made huge improvements, reports the Huddersfield Daily Examiner . Banney Royd, which is Grade One Listed and has 10 bedrooms, was built by legendary architect Edgar J Wood in 1902 and has been described as “the largest and

most elaborate house of Wood今期跑狗资料图库 ’s career.” Design: Unique room catches the sun It was used as a teachers’ centre for many years before being sold off by Kirklees Council to private buyers in 1995. The couple set to work with the help of Marina’s older brother Allen who immediately set about the task with gusto. Mike said: “I had to dig the rose garden out with a pick axe and there were brambles at least 5ft tall. Ramble: There are seven stunning acre

s “You couldn’t walk down the steps to the tennis lawns – they were completely overgrown with brambles and sticky willy (otherwise known as Galium aparine).” S

oon 150 new roses had been planted. Another area to get special attention were the tennis lawns. Marina, a mother-of-six, said: “They were very badly overgrown. Archway: Couple have lovingly restored house “I remember looking out one day and as we were showing someone round and I s

aw a deer peering back at me as if to say: ‘who

invited you here?’ “We did quite a lot of work, both in the garden and in the house, in the first six months and there’s always more to do. “It’s just constant maintenance.” Zoo theme: Models of several animals can be fou

nd on the grounds One part of the gardens is devoted to a hen run and the couple have kept pigs and turkeys in the past. Marina said: “I spend a lot of time at home whereas Mike tends to be away more, playing golf etc, so I do very much enjoy being able to look out of the rooms and see beau

tiful gardens. “That’s the way the house was designed so almost wherever you are in it you can see something precious.” And if she ever needs additional help she has it right under her nose in the form of two of her five sons, Ben Phillips, 21, and his brother Marc Shaw who run Banney Royd Gardening Services. Huddersfield MansionView gallery