Virgin desperate for sex advertises for husband on BILLBOARD so she can 'get it once' before she dies

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A 40-year-old virgin who put up a giant billboard looking for a husband for sex has been forced to take it down by police in Thailand. TV actress Aranya Pui Pathumthong had rented the huge

display in the Thai capital Bangkok to advertise herself after failing to find a partner through 今期跑跑狗玄机图 dating agencies and apps. O

n it, she put up a sexy, cleavage-revealing photograph of herself apparently i

n a state of ecstasy with a caption: I Want You. The rest of the ad - which includes her phone number - reads: 40 and a virgin. Pui Aranya is looking for a husband! It goes on: Let me get it once before I die.

Aranya - the apparently B-list actress who is actually 45 - told local media she was serious about th

e appeal and had chosen to display he

r billboard in t

he Lat Phrao Distri

ct of the Thai capital.

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ng agency responsible for the billboard 10 (500 Baht) for public obscenity and ordered them to take down the poster. A police spokesman told local media: We also want to question the woman on the poster about her motives.