Woman explains brutally honest reason why she and her partner chose to abort their baby

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It was a man last week who, surrounded by other men and with a flick of his pen , issued a blow for the reproductive health of women around the world. Where people stand on abortion and what motivates their belief is not a new debate. But it was the mandate issued by Donald Trump - the man in charge of the worlds largest economy - denying U.S. foreign aid to groups who perform or actively promote terminations which re-elevated the debate firmly back into the public conscious. Out of the many pro-choice narratives and arguments which have emerged, one thing is clear. A woman having an abortion may be down to any number of reasons. Each story is as unique as the woman and the situation themselves. Adding her voice was one lady, whose explanation of why she chose to have her abortion is, whether you agree with it or not, very candid. US President Donald Trump signs an executive order (Image: AFP) Ive read a lot lately about why women choose to have abortions, the anonymous lady wrote on Reddit . Economics, work opportunities, age, relationships, etc. But me? I had an abortion last week because I wanted to. Im in my early 30s, financially stable, in a two year relationship with my boyfriend and on birth control. I have never been pregnant and consider myself a fairly responsible person. However, when the lady found out she was pregnant earlier this month, her reaction was one of extreme a

nxiety. She continued, My boyfriend and I are at the point in our relationship when were thinking about maybe moving forward in our lives together - but I dont want to be a person that forces him into anything. Women screams slogans in the abortion rights campaign

Black Protest (Image: Reuters) Are you affected by the issues in this story? You can email YourMirror@mirror.co.uk or get in touch via the form at the bottom. I also dont want to have something control my life that I have made every considerable effort to avoid. Understandably, there were a vast range of emotions that the lady needed to grapple with. I went back and forth every day. Id even started to convince myself that this was a great idea and I was going to do it - with our without my boyfriend. I then went to see my therapist. We had an incredibly lo

ng conversation and I realised the reason I was so scared to terminate my pregnancy was the shame and guilt I felt from growing up in a conservative Midwest environment. The idea that I didnt want to have a baby but could afford it was selfish and monstrous... But she refused to have an abortion Eventually she came to realisation which was important for her, personally. I did not want to be pregnant. I did not want this child. Yes, I COULD have done it, but I can do a lot of things. Pe

ople make choices every day that we find morally abhorrent, but they are not expected to justify their decision to anyone. I sincerely respect people who believe life begi

ns at conception - and do not mean to undermine that in any way. But the idea that I have to justify WHY I made a life choice I did so everyone around me feels safe about it is incredibly demeaning. After everything was over last week (

and believe me it was horrible, I would not wish it今期跑马玄机图2017 on anyone...) I felt relief. I felt like myself again. I know I made the right choice, I know that I did what is best for me. Were testing a new site:This content is coming soon