Wealthy businessman 'paid out £75k to escort and her boyfriend after they threatened to expose him' court hears

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An escort and her boyfriend blackmailed a wealthy bus

inessman out of more than 75,000 after he agreed to pay for sexual services, a court heard. Sasha Muir, 33, and Connor McKay, 22, are accused of demanding cash and threatening to expose the alleged victims actions to his wife and workmates if he didnt pay. Derby Crown Court heard that between May 2015 and April this year the couple conned the grandfather, aged in his 60s, out of over 75,000. The man said he first went to Muirs home in April last year after he visited a website because his sexual relationship with his wife had broken down. Prosecutor Sarah Slater told jurors: Before anything happened he realised a man was in the house and decided to leave but then realised he had left his Filofax. Muir first hosted the man at her home in April last year (Image: SWNS) McKay allegedly threatened to expose the victims actions (Image: SWNS) He went back the same day to get it and was told that to get it back he needed to pay them money so he went to the cash machine and paid the mon

ey to McKay. Shortly after he left he received text messages from Muir, which said she was being threatened by her partner and needed money to get away. She said if she didnt get the money she would tell his wife and work colleagues about him coming to her for sexual services, jurors were told. Muir allegedly texted the man to say she was being threatened by her partner (Image: SWNS) Miss S

later said the man handed over a sum of money to Muir but a week later he got another message demanding even more cash. She added: Once again he handed over money. Another time she said she needed money to g

o to Spain to get away and was pregnant with McKays baby. He paid the money. He then decided not to meet her again but asked for her bank details. From May 5, 2015, he has transferred substantial sums of money to Muirs bank account. This is how it continues, throughout, to April 2016. In total 72,000 has gone into Muirs bank account. The man paid the money after asking for her bank account details, the court heard (Image: SWNS) McKay is involved in it as well - it is a joint enterprise. In March 2016 he starts to send messages and says this is Connor and asks him for sums of money and he will then be left alone. He paid 2,200 into McKays bank account. The man eventually decided to tell police on April 21 because of the amount of money he had paid out. Officers found the couple at the International Hotel in Derby and arrested them both. Giving evidence, the man said he had contacted Muir on a mobile number that had been advertised on the internet and made an arrangement to visit her. McKay has been accused in court of joint enterprise (Image: SWNS) When he had got to her house she had opened the door and let

him in and he had been told to sit down. He said he paid her 120 and shortly afterwards heard a mans voice, which she said was her partner and she needed to sort him out and left the room. The man said that at that point he had left the house before anything sexual had happened between them. He said that as soon as he was outside he r

ealised he had left his Filofax inside which contained all his paper work, credit cards and driving licence. He said when he had gone今期香港报跑狗图 高清 back to retrieve it, McKay had told him he would need to pay him money before it would be returned to him. The man says he left the house before anything sexual had happened with Muir (Image: SWNS) The businessman said Muir had been egging on her partner and that day he had h

anded over a total of 1,620. He was asked by Miss Slater why he had contacted the escort in the first place. He replied: Obviously Im very embarrassed to explain my predicament. Im a fairly healthy man in my 60s and my relationship with my wife

has been very good and I have children and grandchildren. But our sexual life is not the best or I struggle with the sexual aspect of our life. I think its probably an issue that happens to lots of people, and for no other reason than my own personal pleasure I sought the services of an escort which ended up in this stupid predicament that I became involved in. Cross-examining, Muirs barrister Clive Stockwell claimed the businessman had asked Muir to act out rape role play scene, which he denied. Muirs barrister claimed the escort had been asked to act out a rape scene which the alleged victim denied (Image: SWNS) He added: You discussed with her on the phone what it is you would like to happen as part of your sexual relationship with her? I suggest what you were asking for was a form of forceful sexual role play with her. That you were inviting her to participate with you in a form of rape scene in a role play. Mr Stockwell put to the witness that he had started grabbing at her breasts and towards her private parts and had her by the throat - all of which the man denied. He added: She was shouting at you to stop and you said shut up you b***h.” Mr Stockwell suggested that it was Muirs screaming that had caused her partner McKay to come into the room and that was why the man had left. The witness said none of that happened and he had not seen McKay at that time. Mr Stockwell asked if the man had signed off his text messages with kisses. He replied: I did occasionally, yes, just to keep her thinking I was adhering to her needs. It was a charade but I was trying to keep her sweet so she would go away. Mr Stockwell responded: I suggest the reason you were doing that was because you were actually quite sweet on her. The man replied: No I w

as never. McKay, of Littleover, Derbs., has admitted making unwarranted demands of money with menaces against the man. But Muir of Derby, has denied the offence and claims she was

forced to do what she did by McKay because he threatened her. The trial continues.